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Re: [TCML] SISG success

Hi Jim,

Others have already made us proud, and this territory with a pig has already been charted by Phil LaBudde. He also used a 14.4kV pig with 6 boards. There may also be others at the Tesla Boys that have done similar, but I'm not aware of that. The only thing actually different with my coil is a lower Cp value and the coil itself. I would be happy with dismal results (I know I'm going down a dark path with low Cp). If that is the case, I'll head down the large Cp path (so at this point, just a test of sorts). Unfortunately, I only get to coil on the weekends (job takes over during the weekdays). I'm also using a "lesser" IGBT which is not as robust as the original specs. So if the coil takes off as expected and runs well over time, then we also have some alternative IGBT's to work with. Specs are very close, except the die size is smaller. Hopefully, they will work out ok (I expect they will).

Take care,

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