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RE: [TCML] SISG success

Hi Bart,

Chart the territory! I would love to see a first or second light. I have
emailed and received info from Mark.

Make us all proud!

Jim Mora

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Hi Jim,

As mentioned, I'm not sure if Mark is still selling the boards or not. 
You'll have to contact Mark about that. As far as voltage, well I am 
starting out with 6 boards. Each board has four 900V sections, so each 
board fires at about 3600V, so 21,600V total. I'm using a 14.4kV pig, so 
I may end up removing a board, but I'm not sure how it will react. It 
may actually fire all 6 ok. As far as the current, well, unknown at this 
time. I plan to allow enough current to attain decent switching rates.

Take care,

Jim Mora wrote:
> Hi Bart,
> I re-found the Tesla Boys. Does Mark Dunn still have the boards? Please
> some pics when you fire this up. What is the voltage of your pig and how
> much current do you plan to deliver to the box?
> Thanks,
> Jim Mora
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