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Re: [TCML] SISG success


After sending my email, I took a look at my journal.

The primary specs I gave were of a 2nd try at winding this ribbon primary (only 4 runners). I rewound for a 3rd time 2 weeks ago after adding an additional 4 runners. Geometry is nearly identical to my previous specs, except the turns are now "more" even. I also realized my coupling measurement was a previous measurement. This new winding measured 0.111 k (slight ht change). It still measured 81uH and still 13 turns. The center of the ribbon is 29.5" above the floor.

Nearly identical, but better looking and more symmetrical from turn to turn.


- Could you please provide some details/figures?

L2 = 8.4375" x 37.5, 24awg, 1670 turns, 33.5" above floor, Ldc = 121.7mH(m), Q near 300(c), 64kHz. L1 = Flat ribbon (1"H x .035"W), 11.125"ID x 17.25"OD, 0.2355" pitch, 81uH (m), center grounded, 13 turns total.
Coupling = 0.121(m)
Top Load = Toroid, 9" x 30", bottom of toroid even with top turn.
SISG = 6 Mark Dunn boards.
Cp = .06uF.
Pole Pig with variac current limiting and voltage control.

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