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Re: [TCML] SISG success

Hello Herwig,

Herwig Roscher wrote:
As maximum top voltage is about 0.7 * SQRT (Ls/Lp) * V firing, increasing Ls will give higher V top. So I decided to copy Terrys secondary coil. AWG 27 has a "maximum frequency for 100% skin depth" of 130 kHz and therefore it is sufficient for the operating frequency of about 110 kHz.

Excellent! Glad to see others looking at that aspect.

- Could you please provide some details/figures?
L2 = 8.4375" x 37.5, 24awg, 1670 turns, 33.5" above floor, Ldc = 121.7mH(m), Q near 300(c), 64kHz. L1 = Flat ribbon (1"H x .035"W), 11.125"ID x 17.25"OD, 0.2355" pitch, 81uH (m), center grounded, 13 turns total.
Coupling = 0.121(m)
Top Load = Toroid, 9" x 30", bottom of toroid even with top turn.
SISG = 6 Mark Dunn boards.
Cp = .06uF.
Pole Pig with variac current limiting and voltage control.

- Maybe the only way to increase the spark distance is to increase the peak current even more - but this is dangerous of course.

I'm taking a different route with power (which may end up fruitless). I'm also using an affordable IGBT, so I'm hoping it will hold up. Basically higher voltage and less current, but the IGBT losses may add up. I'm totally unsure.

I'll post current photo's when I'm finished.

Take care,

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