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Re: [TCML] SISG success

Hello Herwig,

Herwig Roscher wrote:
Pole Pig with variac current limiting and voltage control
- In this part of the world there are no pole pigs as the power grid is based on 3-phase-current.
Well, there are hv transformers of some type (can't distribute efficiently without them).

If you do not want to exceed the 800 A limit, the only way to pump more energy into the system is, to increase the supply voltage. Of course you need to increase the inductance of the primary circuit in this case.

I'm not overly sure higher voltage transformers are great here, but I'll give it my college try. Today I finished up wiring the coil. But I need to go into my PLC and change some code to ignore the VFD inputs before I can run it. My controller is PLC controlled and currently set up for a variable speed rotary (and it's OK TO RUN signals). I'll need to put it back to just bare bones running before I can power up.

Here are some photo's I took today as I finished up (ignore the rotary inside the box. It simply allows the option to run either SISG or classic spark gap). 4 photo's of each side of the box and then a couple overall photo's.

The circuit is running full bridge. One side to ground, other side to pig (pig is one terminal grounded). The cap is parallel to the SISG and coil. The SISG is in series with the primary. So if the wiring "appears" different than yours, this is why.

Take care,

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