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Re: [TCML] SISG success


> > "maximum frequency for 100% skin depth"
>  Glad to see others looking at that aspect
- Should give higher Q to secondary coil.

> L2 = 8.4375" x 37.5, 24awg, 1670 turns, 33.5" above floor,
> Ldc = 121.7mH (m), Q near 300 (c), 64kHz.

> L1 = Flat ribbon (1"H x .035"W), 11.125"ID x 17.25"OD, 0.2355"
> pitch, 81uH (m), center grounded, 13 turns total. Coupling = 0.111 
> (m). The center of the ribbon is 29.5" above the floor.

> Top Load = Toroid, 9" x 30", bottom of toroid even with top turn.

> SISG = 6 Mark Dunn boards. Cp = .06uF.
- Thank you for the data. I'll revert on them when I am planning to 
upgrade my system :-)

> Pole Pig with variac current limiting and voltage control
- In this part of the world there are no pole pigs as the power grid 
is based on 3-phase-current.

>  My plans are to charge 3x higher in voltage that your currently
> running 
- If you do not want to exceed the 800 A limit, the only way to pump 
more energy into the system is, to increase the supply voltage. Of 
course you need to increase the inductance of the primary circuit in 
this case....

For my system there are some options to increase the strike distance:

* Trying toroids of different sizes
* Finding a "better" primary capacitor = difficult
* Increasing the supply voltage which is the most complicated option. 
As my MOT is a big one and gets hardly warm I could build a voltage 
tripler = no problem. BUT I would need additional SISG4 boards and 
the IGBTs and SIDACs - and this is the problem in this country. Last 
time Terry has helped.

Take care,


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