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Re: [TCML] SISG success

Hi Jim,

As mentioned, I'm not sure if Mark is still selling the boards or not. You'll have to contact Mark about that. As far as voltage, well I am starting out with 6 boards. Each board has four 900V sections, so each board fires at about 3600V, so 21,600V total. I'm using a 14.4kV pig, so I may end up removing a board, but I'm not sure how it will react. It may actually fire all 6 ok. As far as the current, well, unknown at this time. I plan to allow enough current to attain decent switching rates.

Take care,

Jim Mora wrote:
Hi Bart,
I re-found the Tesla Boys. Does Mark Dunn still have the boards? Please post
some pics when you fire this up. What is the voltage of your pig and how
much current do you plan to deliver to the box?

Jim Mora
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