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[TCML] SIDAC ratings. was: SISG success


Let me show you how I rephrase the descriptions below, to make them usefull for my ponderings.

Vdrm1 voltage 275V
"Peak Off-state Voltage
Maximum voltage that can be applied while maintaining off state."

This one says: If you apply more than 275 volts, the device turns on.

Then there is:

Vs@Vdrm1 voltage 350V
"Switching Voltage
Maximum voltage prior to switching to on state."

This one says: The device doesn`t turn on unless you apply more than 350 volts across it..

Combine them, and you have: The device turns on at 276 volts, but not before 351 volts.

This is of course a bunch of rubbish to say, so probably my command of the english language is lacking sophistication.

We have seen that the SIDAC`s maintain remarkably accurate turn on voltages, so any claim that it is situated "somewhere in between" 275V and 350V is preposterous.

But which of these ratings describe the breakdown voltage of the device? Not an unreasonable question to ask of a device that acts as a crowbar to protect another much more expensive device.

Cheers, Finn Hammer

The way I read it, both voltages describe the voltage which determines the point where the device turns on.
How can thay be so different?

Cheers, Finn Hammer

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