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Re: [TCML] SISG success

Terry, Jim, Bert, Bart, all

I had a look at the new ones, and stumbeled on 2 specifications that I just cannot get to make sence together. To me they are contradictory, and perhaps the best reason why it`s not _me_ that is going to call Littlefuse.

On this datasheet:
which describes a possible substitute to the old ones, there are 2 voltages described:

Vdrm1 voltage 275V
"Peak Off-state Voltage
Maximum voltage that can be applied while maintaining off state."

Then there is:

Vs@Vdrm1 voltage 350V
"Switching Voltage
Maximum voltage prior to switching to on state."

The way I read it, both voltages describe the voltage which determines the point where the device turns on.
How can thay be so different?

Cheers, Finn Hammer

piranha skrev:

The 300V K3000F1 SIDACs are no longer available from Littlefuse. However they are directly replaced now by their new product lines for such things. They also now have much higher voltages and such available. Somebody needs to call Littlefuse's engineering reps up and get all of that figured out. "I" don't have time, but there are much newer and better SIDACs now that need to be looked into!

Best Regards,


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