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Re: [TCML] SISG success

Hi Finn,

I think the 275 is the highest voltage you can apply without danger of it turning on and 350 is the highest the voltage could expect to see prior to turn-on.
But this "English as she is written" by them is not clear. ;^)

Matt D.

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Terry, Jim, Bert, Bart, all 
I had a look at the new ones, and stumbeled on 2 specifications that I just cannot get to make sence together. To me they are contradictory, and perhaps the best reason why it`s not _me_ that is going to call Littlefuse. 
On this datasheet: 
http://www.littelfuse.com/part/P3100AD.html ;
which describes a possible substitute to the old ones, there are 2 voltages described: 
Vdrm1 voltage 275V 
"Peak Off-state Voltage 
Maximum voltage that can be applied while maintaining off state." 
Then there is: 
Vs@Vdrm1 voltage 350V 
"Switching Voltage 
Maximum voltage prior to switching to on state." 
The way I read it, both voltages describe the voltage which determines the point where the device turns on. 
How can thay be so different? 
Cheers, Finn Hammer 
piranha skrev: 
The 300V K3000F1 SIDACs are no longer available from=2
0Littlefuse. > However they are directly replaced now by their new product lines for > such things. They also now have much higher voltages and such > available. Somebody needs to call Littlefuse's engineering reps up > and get all of that figured out. "I" don't have time, but there are > much newer and better SIDACs now that need to be looked into! 
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