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[TCML] solvents

At 09:15 PM 1/5/08 -0800, you wrote:
Hi DC,

I know the risks and I'll do it anyway. I've used gasoline forever (you have no idea what me and gasoline have been through). My brother is a fire fighter up at Lake Tahoe. Even he understands as he grew up rebuilding engines as I did. Yes, bad things can happen if you don't know what your doing or have a little knowledge of the volatility of gasoline. The same is true with high voltage. Imagine a newby buying a pole pig and deciding to stand next to the pig ears or associated wiring while powering it up. A little dumb don't you think? Same is true for gasoline or other volatile substances. From a solvent standpoint, gasoline is far superior to kerosene.

For a comparison, using gasoline is like using a pole pig. Kerosene is like using an NST. But, you will still have people using pole pigs (like yourself). What's the difference? Understanding the dangers and taking the required precautions. In high voltage and gasoline, there is always a danger and safety is never guaranteed.

This is really about cleaning NST cores with solvent. Poor a little gas in a coffee can (a mechanics bucket) and use a nylon brush to clean parts. It's simple and effective. Dispose of the gas as soon as your done (don't want a can of gas lying around when you decide to run the coil). Always open the garage for good ventilation. Don't smoke. Don't be near a flame source. Don't use a steal brush on steal parts that could generate a sparks. It's all common sense.

I stand pretty firm on the use of gasoline regardless of the scare some people have. A life time of experience with that particular substance is why (and for many years, on a daily basis).

Take care,

I'm right there with you Bart.
See the other solvent subject message.
BTW, my old hobby was casting metal.  Don't tell a fireman how to build a fire.

This is the best list in the world !


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