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[TCML] Re: Inner tube toroid perished rubber

I have a 9x33 inch truck inner tube as the basis for my upper toroid on my 18 inch coil. My first effort was with it providing the support for a chicken wire surround. After my first go it puctured full of many holes despite the wire covering.
Since then I covered it with Aluminium adhesive backed tape it has worked fine in the last 6 months. Today on a hot day, however it blew with a split along a fine gap between two adjacent windings of tape where the rubber was bare. I could separate the spilt easily with my fingers and the rubber appears to be considerably weakened. It might have been a simple blowout as well but the hole was only tiny when I reinflated it initially. Question. Is this due to sparking or ozone or adhesive effect? How do I get around it. I hope to do a full autopsy soon to look at the strength of the fully covered area where only adhesive should be a factor.

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