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Re: [TCML] Subject: Overheated Secondary

While I'm on the subject and no one else is really posting anything, I might as well add another thought.

Don't use gasoline to dissolve a potted NST. Use some other method to get the main bulk of tar out. I use heat to melt and scoop it out until I can free the NST core from the case. When the potting material becomes liquid enough, it "will" poor off. Just use a solvent for the final cleaning process. Once you take the windings off the core, that's when you use a solvent to clean up the individual parts. Nothing more than that. I just thought that if anyone is thinking you should dip the entire NST case and core assembly into gas and wait, then you've got it all wrong. It's simply used to clean individual parts and nothing more.

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bartb wrote:
Something else I should add. Some people are very skin sensitive. If your one of those people who's hands get almost numb washing parts with gasoline, find a way to keep it off your skins (gloves come in real handy here). In my younger years, my skin was thick and I could bathe in the stuff. These days my skin is thinner and gasoline can numb up the skin on hands. Something I've noticed that has increased over the years. Now when I'm cleaning something with gas, I try to keep my hands out of the bucket as much as is possible (varies with the task at hand of course).

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