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Re: [TCML] Subject: Overheated Secondary

At 05:57 PM 1/3/08 -0800, you wrote:
Hi Marko,

I suspect a secondary short (and then the overheating occurred). This would be the norm.

Just unwind a few layers (about 100V loss per layer I expect). Also, don't pot until you measure output. The windings have to be put on in the correct winding polarity (which if you didn't mark their direction before you took it apart you may have to do a quick trial and error test to get it right).

Take care,
I depotted my transformer and began cleaning it up. It does not look like the one Bart photographed. My transformer has two primary coils in parallel and two secondaries in series. One secondary overheated. It never went open (until I worked on it) . The insulation is gone from the outer layers of the winding.
Not sure how deep the damage goes, it is too cold to work on it lately.

Thanks Bart,

My photos are here:  http://members.cox.net/kc5gym/

I have a question or two, maybe a million.
There is a picture of the shunt in my hand. I should remove 1/2 of these?

I was not able to preserve the original "angel hair" wire terminations on the secondaries. Are the inner windings connected to center tap or are they the hv ends? I suspect the outer ends are the outputs.

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