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The tesla coil mailing list covers the topics of tesla coil construction, operation, measurement, and use. Topics range from sources of materials, opinions of commercial tesla coil kits, measurement of electical fields, photography of coils, construction techniques, etc.

The level of knowledge among the list members ranges from people who hardly know what a tesla coil is, to true professional tesla coil builders and professional physicists.

Topics such as the Tunguska explosion, free energy, anti-gravity, and wireless power transmission etc. are not discussed.

Tesla coil operation involves high energy electrical discharge, high voltages, and often high speed rotary gaps. For the beginner, there are plenty of ways to injure or kill yourself. Safety is an important part of fun, successful tesla coiling. Several list members have prepared a safety sheet to assist the tesla coiler in determining and avoiding some of the dangers of this fascinating hobby. Keep in mind that there are other dangers that are unforseen, and that there is no way that I or anyone else could possibly determine all of them.

No guarantees are made as to the accuracy or safety of any posting. You as a list member assume responsibility for your own actions.

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T.C.M.L. is run by Chip Atkinson,

This web site and the mailing list is now running "in the cloud". While more economical, it also has its drawbacks. Because this is a virtual machine on a provider's block of IP addresses, it is likely that this very IP address has been used by spammers before being shut down. As a result, some of you may find that you are not getting postings.

Before moving to the cloud, this web site was running on hardware funded in part by the generous members of the Tesla Coil Mailing List (TCML). Though currently powered off, it's still a viable machine. It and the other hardware server will serve as a backup for the cloud machine.

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