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On 2/13/23 4:20 PM, Joshua Thomas wrote:
Some of that article is genuinely hilarious.

“The output of each ignition coil … is fed through identical diode strings
each composed of 45 series-connected 1 amp 1000-PIV diodes”

Apparently this author never knew out the microwave transformer diodes!

Not so fast... Strings of 1n4007s were a standard technique. and way more readily available (radio shack carried them!) and cheaper than microwave oven diodes, Or K2AW stacks (which were 1n5408s matched and stacked)

NTE had microwave oven rectifiers, but they were a pricey item ($20-ish as I recall)

The big deal in the 90s was the inexpensive soft recovery 6kV diodes with nicely controlled avalanche from Philips (now NXP, I think) because you could string them up without RC equalizers (which I'm not sure don't hurt more than help). They used a lot of those as building blocks in TV flyback triplers (45-50kV), and in X-ray use (150 kV). When those puppies started showing up surplus at $0.15 each, it was a real boon.
Look at parts like the BY716  or BYX90G

I've blown up my share of MO rectifiers, and some bridges built with 5408s. The oil insulated bridge from the 6kV parts 5 in a row on each arm, really was tough. Even running pulse discharge stuff I never had a problem.

On Mon, Feb 13, 2023 at 6:57 PM Lux, Jim <jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 2/13/23 3:17 PM, Ronald Reeland wrote:
Here are a couple links to the Popular Electronics November 1999 issue
featuring Charles Rakes Tesla Coil article and plans:



Ron Reeland

The LU800 coil referenced in the PopElectronics article is still
available. Around $15 depending on the source.

I have no idea what the electrical properties are, but I imagine it's a
fairly vanilla 12V coil.
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