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[TCML] inductors for DC charging

Has anyone tried using the secondary of an auto ignition coil as a charging inductor for a small coil?

They are 10-30 H (depending on who measured it, etc.)  They've got the HV insulation.

I was wondering about the current handling.  Typically, they seem to have a DC resistance of some 10 kOhm or more, and if you're driving from, say, a NST with an RMS output current of 30 mA, that works out to about 9-10 Watts dissipation (because I've not got a spice model of the actual charging current, etc.)

Or, alternately, any source for 10 H inductors that can hold off 20kV? Short of winding my own.  200 or so turns on a 4 cm diameter core with mu=5000 would do it. Have to wind in 20 turn chunks to keep the voltage rating, reasonable, but that's doable.
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