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Re: [TCML] Single turn primaries - was Coupling

On Sun, Feb 17, 2019 at 10:21 PM Yurtle Turtle via Tesla <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>

>  It's good to correct "fake news", to help newbies avoid making a coil
> that will be disappointing at best, or possibly never work. Some of us have
> been here since the 90s, yourself included, back when we used to get dozens
> upon dozens of posts every day. Many of us shared our research and results,
> helping to fine tune our understanding, reinforce good assumptions, and
> dispel bad ones.

If you have been around that long, then maybe you remember Terry Fritz? He
was the one who pointed out to me the ideal nature of the single turn
primary. Here is a post <http://hotstreamer.deanostoybox.com/OLTC/index.htm>
he wrote back in 2002, when I was more active on the list, and we used to
correspond in private.

Or maybe you remember the single turn primary
<http://www.alansharp.co.uk/otlc.htm> work of Alan Sharp? Alan used
parallel primaries, which is the same thing as a large-surfaced single tube
or ribbon.

OLTCs don't use high voltage transformers, they use high current "out of
the wall" electricity. And as I was pointing out (which I learned from
Tesla's writings), for a single turn primary coil to work, we need a flash
of power so brief that the current is extremely high. High voltage is not
as important to ringing a true Tesla coil as is an exceedingly brief, and
exceedingly high, current (if the primary is a single turn.) The more turns
you add to the primary, the more you transform the Tesla coil into an
ordinary transformer, and then it really doesn't matter what you do. If you
put a big enough transformer on it, you are going to make sparks. If you
want to build Jacob's ladders and hybrid transformer/Tesla-coils, that's
fine. There is nothing wrong with that.
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