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Re: [TCML] Coupling

On Sun, Feb 17, 2019 at 5:11 PM derstrom8--- via Tesla <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi David,
> I have never heard of single-turn primary coils used for Tesla coils.
> You're sure you're not thinking of a multi-LAYER primary? I have seen
> semi-toroidal dual-layer primary coils to improve coupling and field shape,
> but I have no experience with those myself. I'm strictly referring to the
> number of turns on a single-layer primary.
> I'd be interested to see some data on Tesla coils with a one-turn primary
> coil, if that's actually a thing.

Colorado Springs Notes is my source. By the time Tesla figured out how to
best tune his coil, he was down to one turn. Of course, the secondary will
have to be designed around this configuration.

With just one turn of an inductor, you have nearly pure inductance and very
little capacitance. When you have two or more turns of an inductor, you
spread out the power transmission path between the primary and secondary.
As an analogy, the more pairs of lips you add to a flute player, the less
pressure each pair of lips can blow. You want to minimize the footprint of
the primary as much as possible so as to get the most power in the smallest
area to transfer into the secondary. I believe I have seen several guys on
this list use single turn flat ribbons with success.
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