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Re: [TCML] Single turn primaries - was Coupling

Hi David,

I do indeed remember the work of Terry Fritz.  His motivation to develop
the OLTC was not that this was a way to employ a single-turn primary, but
rather that it eliminates the need for boat anchor steel transformers.

All of the single-turn primary coils cited - Terry Fritz, Alan Sharp, and
Finn Hammer, all use IGBT's rather than spark gaps.  The reasons that
1-turn primaries were used did not include less inter-turn capacitance.
Your initial suggestion to use a single turn primary in the Coupling thread
was in the context of spark gap coils, where I pointed out that gap losses
are higher with the higher primary currents that would follow with low
inductance primaries. So I'll ask one last time - have YOU built a 1-turn
primary spark gap coil?  You have cited so many colorful reasons that would
make a single turn primary superior, it's hard to imagine why anyone would
do otherwise?

Gary Lau

On Mon, Feb 18, 2019 at 10:00 AM David Thomson <aetherwizard@xxxxxxxxx>

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> wrote:
> >  It's good to correct "fake news", to help newbies avoid making a coil
> > that will be disappointing at best, or possibly never work. Some of us
> have
> > been here since the 90s, yourself included, back when we used to get
> dozens
> > upon dozens of posts every day. Many of us shared our research and
> results,
> > helping to fine tune our understanding, reinforce good assumptions, and
> > dispel bad ones.
> >
> If you have been around that long, then maybe you remember Terry Fritz? He
> was the one who pointed out to me the ideal nature of the single turn
> primary. Here is a post <
> http://hotstreamer.deanostoybox.com/OLTC/index.htm>
> he wrote back in 2002, when I was more active on the list, and we used to
> correspond in private.
> Or maybe you remember the single turn primary
> <http://www.alansharp.co.uk/otlc.htm> work of Alan Sharp? Alan used
> parallel primaries, which is the same thing as a large-surfaced single tube
> or ribbon.
> OLTCs don't use high voltage transformers, they use high current "out of
> the wall" electricity. And as I was pointing out (which I learned from
> Tesla's writings), for a single turn primary coil to work, we need a flash
> of power so brief that the current is extremely high. High voltage is not
> as important to ringing a true Tesla coil as is an exceedingly brief, and
> exceedingly high, current (if the primary is a single turn.) The more turns
> you add to the primary, the more you transform the Tesla coil into an
> ordinary transformer, and then it really doesn't matter what you do. If you
> put a big enough transformer on it, you are going to make sparks. If you
> want to build Jacob's ladders and hybrid transformer/Tesla-coils, that's
> fine. There is nothing wrong with that.
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