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Re: [TCML] Single turn primaries - was Coupling

Gary Lau said: 

>  Kindly cite one well-performing
>single turn coil with enough information that we can judge performance
>relative to what might be obtained with comparable power using conventional


There is at least one such coil, and that is the Danfoss coil which I built 13 years ago, and has been doing museum duty since.
There is a video here, not a good one:


I am not claiming superiority in efficiency.

The coil is a solid state one, where the spark gap is substituted by a couple of CM600 HA 24 IGBT bricks. The type was named Off Line Tesla Coil, OLTC, at the time, and it is a Steve Conner design.
This coil had a one turn primary, 230mm in diametre, and a 13.5µF primary capacitor, charged to 1175V. Primary coil was inside the secondary.
Fres was 73kHz. 

secondary coil 250mm diametre, 800mm long, 1600 turns. Topload 160mm by 600mm. I wish I could figure out a place to post pictures.
Arh, here it is:

I am writing past tence, I have just taken it down and am rebuilding it as a DRSSTC.
Let me know if you want further info.

Cheers, Finn Hammer
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