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Re: [TCML] Java TC VTTC design question

Just curious, how are you planning to run coil?
Pulse or not. And normal AC or DC? Or level shifted? Just a little worried
at your secondary Frequency, and I not sure of your power input.
Me on a coil finished earlier this year was designed for about 500khz
alone. By time experimenting with a pretty big top load (for VTTC, some
feel against this..)and capacitance(about twice the traditional for this
coil size) and over volt the tube in pulse service.
Pulse service at high voltage "pulls down" frequency a lot more than I
thought it would.
I will admit I am not familiar with TC calculators.
Just saying my coil was "pulled down" to about 320khz all said and done
tuned the best that I know of.  From what I had heard you do not want to
fall under 300khz to maintain the "sword like sparks". They get spoiled
from what I hear.
So many variables...

Again just some rambling thoughts...
BTW... VTTC'S are my favorite..

Currently working on a "medium sized" @ 10KV"DC" input, pulse duty, getting
near first "light".

And also something much larger pulse duty again... Need to imerse my tube
in oil to cool and shield with lead, because of x-rays. Getting closer on
parts... some have been hard to find, especially in quantity that I want
for the voltage I'm shooting for initially. We are all different, but I
prefer mica capacitors on tube coils, getting hard to find at reasonable
cost sometimes at the high voltages I want in quantity.

Enough rambling for tonight...
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