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Re: [TCML] Java TC VTTC design question


Just another thought,

When spacing primary windings with a lot of final height compared to
secondary. The traditional feedback winding is normally above the primary

But I have found out even though, technically it is only supposed to be
influenced by the primary if I am correct, if up too high, the Secondary's
high voltage on the upper end comes in to play, and will cut off the tube.
Poor performance.

And sometimes maybe secondary to feedback arcs. Have seen some pictures of
some coils with makeshift extra "guarding," against this.

You can change ratio, but it is much easier to just turn everything upside

Could not figure out on last coil for a bit. It was up more than 3/4
secondary height. Kept messing with grid leak values, nothing worked.
Even hooked up direct "nothing" out of curiosity, still very poor.

So I just took the primary/feedback form and flipped upside down on a
hunch... made a world of difference. Still had tunning of course...

I have seen others that change the winding ratio, but now different from

Me I like to keep 1:1 on both.

Just from my experience...

Have a good night all...


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