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Re: [TCML] Java TC VTTC design question

On 11/29/17 4:40 PM, Bart Anderson wrote:
Hi Steve,

Javatc is meant for the basic 2 coil spark gap type coils. Although the LC calculations can of course be used for various coil types, when it comes to recommendations such as pri to sec proximity or even coupling, it's best to ignore and seek out advice. For example, with my own VTTC, Javatc recommended proximity was 1.42" and I used about 1". My coupling was also far above the recommendation at k of 0.375.

And that's what this list is for.. advice once you get past the basics. We do basics also, but the real value is the: I built this and it's acting weird, is it supposed to do that?

If you're lucky, someone else did almost exactly the same thing and figured it out, perhaps with some exciting moments, not desired to be repeated, in the discovery process.

Or, as you have - I have this design tool but it's really not exactly what I'm trying to do.

There's a wealth of theoretical knowledge here ready to be shared - you want to build a funky coil with 3 toploads and 5 secondaries? Someone has analyzed it.
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