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[TCML] VTTC Primary tuning

Hello Everyone - I'm building my first VTTC and am wondering about primary tuning freq vs secondary freq. I've built many spark gap coils both static and sync and in those I would add a piece of wire the length of the spark to the top load and tune both pri and sec to the same frequency with my o' scope and signal generator and it has worked very well. However I've read VTTC's the primary circuit should be tuned much lower then the secondary. Question is how much lower and can I pre tune it with my o' scope and sig. gen like on my spark gap coils  but with a de-tune factor? This coil is based on a single 810 triode, medium sized MOT , 1.0 nano/10kv mica transmitter cap and 3.5x 11.5 secondary,

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