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Re: [TCML] Java TC VTTC design question

Trying again...cleaned up and corrected...
New on posting here...

Hi Steve,

I'm no expert, but familiar some on tube coils.
Yes spacing is Okay. I feel it helps.
I have done this on a much smaller coil with success. 1/4" for me if I
remember correctly.
Covers approximately 3/4 of secondary.
Increases coupling further on already a lot on tube coils which is normal,
because of smooth oscillations you can do this.

Are you gonna pulse also?
Can raise voltage much higher than specs, but also within reason.
One main limiting factor is ceramic in the internal tube structure supports
if I'm correct.
These tubes have this if I remember correctly.

Again just some thoughts.
I'm sure some others will confirm or correct me.

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