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Re: structural materials

I suggest structural fiberglass components.  One tradename is Extren.  It is
available in all the usual structural shapes (I beams, square and round
tube, angles, etc.). Roughly the same weight and cost as aluminum, about
twice as flexible.  It's available from most structural metals dealers.

You glue (with epoxy) or bolt the stuff together with either fiberglass or
regular steel bolts.
Try http://www.strongwell-dot-com/PULT/Pultrusion.htm

Get a diamond grit blade to cut the stuff though... anything else goes dull
instantly, and you will essentially have a friction saw that melts through.

>Original Poster: "Chris Brick" <cbrick-at-rebelbase-dot-com>
>Another question:
>Has anyone built any of their secondary structures with wood.  I am
>designing a large coil and would like to make it an open air design (like
>Greg Leyh's monster) but I am having trouble finding good strong materials
>to build the framework.  If anyone has any wisdom in this area it would be
>greatly appreciated.