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Re: Can G10 sheet be laminated?

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: ghub005-at-xtra.co.nz
> Hello list members
> I am building a RSG for my 5-10kVA coil. I had intended to build the disc
> from 10 or 12 mm Tufnol 10G-40 phenolic laminate. Unfortunately, the NZ
> distributor only has 3.2mm sheet in stock.
> Can this sheet be safely laminated to form a thicker disc?

Hi ...

yes   G10 can be laminated IF    you remove the outer layer of mold release ( a
waxy substance ) with either a good dose of acetone and 180 grit sandpaper  or
a good deal of elbow brease and 120 grit paper...

use either a good 30 minute epoxy or fiberglass resin to bond the plates
together...    as far as pressure ..   use a good sized pot full of water of
several weights tha amount to 10 - 20 lbs ...

with the rpms that you have in mind and the size of electrodes       try at
least 3 layers ( 2 min )  for about 3/8" to 1/2 " total thickness

Scot D