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Re: structural materials

You can use a hybrid approach:
You build the basic support structure from wood, but
wherever the secondary wire actually goes you have 
a material such as plexiglass so that the secondary
sees a good insulator instead of wood, which tends
to absorb moisture and then conduct. 1" Plastic PVC piping
works well for the "spacer" material that actually
holds the secondary wire. It is relatively cheap and
easy to find, and generally lighter in weight than
any solid bar stock material. You can affix it to the 
wood using clear silicone sealant which is sold at
hardware stores. It comes in large, medium, and small tubes
as well as in quite large tubes that load into a "caulking gun".

Fr. Tom McGahee

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> >Another question:
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> >Has anyone built any of their secondary structures with wood.  I am
> >designing a large coil and would like to make it an open air design (like
> >Greg Leyh's monster) but I am having trouble finding good strong materials
> >to build the framework.  If anyone has any wisdom in this area it would be
> >greatly appreciated.
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> >Thanks,
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> >Chris
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