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Can G10 sheet be laminated?

Hello list members

I am building a RSG for my 5-10kVA coil. I had intended to build the disc
from 10 or 12 mm Tufnol 10G-40 phenolic laminate. Unfortunately, the NZ
distributor only has 3.2mm sheet in stock.

Can this sheet be safely laminated to form a thicker disc? The disc will be
250 mm diameter and will carry 12 flying electrodes made of 6.5 mm
tungsten/copper rod - each electrode will be 50 mm in length. I intend to
run the gap at 1500/3000 rpm (sync) but would like to occasionally use a
higher speed for expermimentation (assync).

If it can be laminated, what adhesive/pressure/technique should be used etc.

Safe coiling,

Gavin Hubbard 

P.S. The electrodes are made from a 75% tungsten/25% copper alloy that is
designed for spark erosion machines. It has fantastic erosion resistance +
good conductivity and it isn't thoriated.