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RE: dc rotary motor

You should be able to control them with a variac, or a dimmer.
I controlled the speed by simply wiring the motor direct to a
dimmer unit. You can change direction by reversing either the
field, or armature coils. If you reverse both the direction stays
the same. But I suppose if you actually DID control down one
or other of these coils, and not the other, it would slow down.
					Richard Barton

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Hi All,
    Thanks for the feedback. Upon looking closer at the motors, of which I
now have two, I found another centrifuge, I  have discovered that they are
in fact AC brush motors, not DC as I first thought so I should be able to
just run them using the variac shouldn't I .? I am a bit unclear about the
wiring. I seem to remember something about feeding the field coils with the
full voltage, and the armature with the variable voltage. As this might be
getting off topic please reply off list.

bob golding