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[TCML] JOB OFFERED - Tesla Based Microcontroller Development CO-OP

JOB OFFERED: Microcontroller Code Developer

Eastern Voltage Research is presently looking for an experienced individual to develop microcontroller code for a MIDI based Tesla coil audio interface.  The candidate should have previous experience with microcontroller programming and preferably have existing experience with MIDI based audio interfaces and DRSSTC type Tesla Coils.  


- Develop microcontroller code / circuit to converter MIDI information from a keyboard (or similar instrument) into a PWM output signal (TTL compatible) to be used for driving a DRSSTC or SSTC Tesla Coil.  The interface shall be capable of polyphonic audio reproduction of at least 2 simultaneous notes.  Both pulsewidth and duty cycle limit protection shall also be employed in the final design.

- Microcontroller used shall be PIC or ATMEL based


- Design Schematic
- Microcontroller Code
- Code Documentation
- Test Results

Eastern Voltage Research will be responsible for providing all the necessary hardware and software for the development.

If interested, please send a brief resume of your related experience and a cost to complete estimate to sales -at- easternvoltageresearch -dot com. 

The selected candidate will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Eastern Voltage Research, LLC.
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