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[TCML] MIDI Pro Tesla Coil Controller

While we're on the topic of MIDI Controllers, I figured I'd post a
link to the post I made on 4HV yesterday.

I've finally got my controller to the point where I'm ready to sell to
the public. It's chocked full of features. Here are a few of them:

    Standard Interrupter
    Burst Interrupter
    Asynchronous Rotary Spark Gap Emulator
    Multi-Coil Interrupter
    Twin-Coil (Phased) interrupter
    MIDI Input
    SD Card MIDI File Player
    Graphical Equalizer
    LOTS of user-configurable settings
    Anytime firmware upgrade via SD card

The kit I'm offering comes with a fully assembled controller board,
two fully assembled transmitter / RGB LED boards, OLED display, four
buttons, and four mechanical encoders. This kit does not include the
necessary hardware or software for QCW/SSVC modes, however that will
be available as an upgrade later. The cost for the kit is $500 +
postage. The kit comes with two transmitter boards, if you'd like to
add the additional two transmitter boards, those are available for $25
each. If you're interested in purchasing a kit, feel free to contact
me via PM here, or using my e-mail which is on my profile page.

See more details @ 4HV:

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