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[TCML] Puff The Magic Dragon

Hi TCML dudes,

Hey, I don't post much on TCML these days as I've been learning DRSSTC and just back to having fun with coils. However, tonight while running a coil, I happened to set the rafters in my garage on fire and caught some video of it. Thought I'd share. Look quick, I didn't spend a lot of time video'ing (panic set in).

The coil is the DRSSTC I ran at the Western Winter Teslathon this year in Arizona. This vid is from WWT..

It's low power still (but a bit too much for garage running obviously). I purchased Phil Slawinski's new controller that has so many options (midi, twin midi's, simple freq/PW mode, an ARSG emulator, Burst mode, Multi-coil, Twin-coil, midi input form pc, or midi from on-controller SD card, ramp modes, etc...) this controller has it all.. In any case, I am new to it and simply having fun with it and my DR coil, so I'm just making vids of runs... and I got carried away tonight.

Of all the songs to start a fire "PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON".... Karma? This is the fire video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQl_TPhL7p4&feature=youtu.be <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQl_TPhL7p4&feature=youtu.be>

I have a bunch of other vid's on youtube along with runs from WWT if interested..

BTW, how did I put out the fire?. Oh, a wine glass full of water and a ladder of course (after I ensured the DR voltage was extinguished). Time to put that spare chicken wire role to good use and not let this "stuff" happen again.. Anyway, point is, fires can happen and do. It's not a bad idea to prevent fires with your Tesla Coils.... foil, chicken wire on stuff, whatever works for you.. So easy to get relaxed with this stuff, until crap happens.. then it's a different story.

Take care,

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