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Re: [TCML] top load and photography

I've had a $50,000 DigiMax camera lose its viewfinder and whatever else close to a working coil.
Only temporary though.
I ground my tripod. You are using a tripod for all your Tesla shots, aren't you?. This may stop things like small discharges from you when you touch the shoot button for example. For my skycam setup where the camera might be close enough to get strikes, I had a grill around the lens to avoid obstructing the flash, metering and remote switching and to provide some HV/RF protection. It was grounded to the camera chassis and there was aluminised paper to complete the cage.
Generally, if it is safe for me it is safe for the camera.
BTW, I do sing the praises of a digital SLR. I wouldn't have been able to do a lot of my shots in long exposure, low light, fixed focus and with separate flash and remote controlled, without it. It has really made the pics on my site far better. I never "digicam" these days. Consider a cheap one or second hand as an real asset to coiling


Neal Namowicz wrote:
After I wrote about the photography, I remembered that I have an old Sony digital (around 1+ meg) that I could use. More than enough for the 'net. (I'll still keep my distance :)

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