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[TCML] RF Ground and Brass

Hi all,

I hate to touch on two topics that are so widely discussed here, but I have
a question that kind of falls into a gray area.

First off, I'm on the last stage of my coils construction, the
grounding. This topic has been fought over many times on the list (I just
spent 2.5 hours reading over all the entries about RF ground) and have
decided on the following scheme:

Connections to RF ground:
--Secondary Coil, follwing these insuctions :
--NST case
--Strike Rail
--"RF Power Ground" line coming out of Terry Filter.  (The "NST Ground" line
coming out of the Terry Filter will go into the NST case I guess...refer to
the Terry Filter diagram to see the lines I'm refering too ;) )

Now the Mains supply will go like this:
1.) A power strip with a surge protector will plug into a wall outlet
2.) From the surge protector, a cable will go into a EMI Filter, from Tesla
The side with the 3 terminals will be hooked up to the output from the surge
protector, with the center terminal being the ground.
3.) The side of the EMI filter with 2 terminals will run into the NST's hot
and neutral inputs.

Simple Enough right?

Now the RF ground itself will be right next to the coil: outside, 4 steel
spikes hammered 3 feet into the Earth.

Now here's my question:
I have this ribbon coming off the secondary coil and 10 AWG wire coming from
the NST case and strike rail, how do I actually connect them all together to
the physical RF spikes?  I was just gonna solder the ribbon to the spikes,
and then thread the other wires through a hole in them.

And a second question:
For the metal grounding ribbon coming off the secondary, does it need to
copper for sure?  I wanted to use brass instead.  At my hardware store,
brass is 1/4 the cost of copper and available in more thickness's.  And does
the ribbon need to go all the way from the secondary base to ground
spike?  It would be 3 feet of ribbon that way even is the coil is right next
to the RF ground!

Also, the grounding on the Terry Filter seemed a little weird too, maybe
someone could confirm could I'm doing it right as described.

Sorry for the massive post again, but I have been piecing together this
problem for the better part of the day, and would like some loose ends tided

Thanks for all responses!
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