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Re: [TCML] top load and photography

> I have a question about photography, obviously about
> taking pictures of coils in action. I've seen plenty
> of others do it, but I thought I'd ask y'all about
> it first before I fry my camera. I wasn't concerned
> back when I was using an old film camera, but now I
> have a digital Canon Rebel. What kind of concerns
> should I have when shooting around an operating
> coil? I'd like to be fairly close (actually, in my
> basement, I don't have much of an option). Is 6 to 8
> feet a comfortable enough distance? Thanks in
> advance,
> Neal.

I used a Kodak "Easy Share" digicam to capture
numerous spark images of my coils.  Never had any
trouble with it, and the digicam still works fine to
this day.

My JVC VHS-C camcorder, on the other hand, seemed to
have issues operating in close proximity to the coils.
 Spark videos often contained significant visual
artifacts in the form of a repeating pattern or stripe
of noise running vertically on the picture.  Once or
twice, it shut itself down as soon as the coil fired
up--just turned itself completely off, like it does
when the battery is critically low.  Away from the
coils, the camera worked and still works fine.  No
permanent harm done I guess.

My own experiences notwithstanding, anytime you have
digital electronic devices (PC, cellphone, digicam,
etc.) near an operating tesla coil, you bear a certain
amount of risk they will be damaged.  The pulsed EM
fields near an operating coil are both powerful and
chaotic--no telling what it will do to your
electronics.  It's a gamble, albeit a modest one.


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