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Re: [TCML] top load and photography

Distance is good for keeping the camera safer, but being close enough so that you are safe doesn't mean it is safe for the camera. I talked to some one awhile back that said they lost there digital SLR to the EMI effects of a coil at some "safe distance". It was killed completely.

I have had my Canon 20D lock up 5 times on different occasions filming coils where I had to remove the battery to "reboot" it since it got hung up. Of course I had it lock up under the 345kv lines at work too and in a 500 mRem/hr radiation environment too. So maybe my camera is more sensitive to these things. The digital Sony video camera occasionally gets some effects. On one occasion the camera had a bunch of menus pop up on the recorded video. When heavy ground strikes occur, some additional electrical noise (hiss and pops) is picked up audio circuits.

I think making sure that the coil is tuned up well and making sparks is probably important too to reduce the radiated noise that will affect the cameras.
It can be pretty amazing how electronics respond to intentional abuse.
The Geek Group did a thing where they were hitting a computer running windows with streamers from a big coil. It was doing pretty well. Started to reboot a bunch of times and then eventually died. But I think they had to remove some metal in order to really get it to die.

The great pictures that you can get from that camera is worth the risk.
Good luck Neal.


Neal Namowicz wrote:
After I wrote about the photography, I remembered that I have an old Sony digital (around 1+ meg) that I could use. More than enough for the 'net. (I'll still keep my distance :)


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With cameras, digital or otherwise, I think that if a distance is safe for you to not be struck, it's also safe for the camera you're holding.

Regards, Gary Lau

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