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Grounding before secondary

Original poster: John Krinks <jk175400@xxxxxxxx>

I'm a bit confused as where to ground the coil. I have no problem grounding
the secondary, that's easy. The trouble comes in grounding the input / spark
gap / capacitor / primary coil section. I was looking through some of my old
electrical engineering books, but couldn't quite find a schematic that matched
that with a ground. Would it be okay to run a ground off of one of the spark
gap electrodes (a few inches away from the actual gap)? Should it be after the
spark gap? After the capacitor? Your input is greatly appreciated, I owe much
of my progress to you guys. It's been a little over a month, but I'm almost
done with my first coil - just got to pick up a few 12 packs of bottled beer
to make that capacitor.

John Krinks