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RE: magnet spark gap

Original poster: "Dave Halliday" <dh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I looked into it about fifteen years ago when getting back into coiling
(first time was High School, then got into it 15 years ago and getting
back into it again now)

They were also used on the old spark-gap radio transmitters.  The
advantage is that it would quench the spark very quickly. (Force the
spark to stop sparking).  Blowing air through a gap does the same thing
and eliminates a lot of problems (magnets loose their strength when
heated above a certain point and for it to work, the magnets have to be
as close as possible to the arc (source of heat)).

The people then didn't have insulating plastics that were able to supply
the blast of air under pressure.

Use a TCBOR/RQ gap with a muffin fan and you will be fine.

The hyperbaric gap looks really interesting too.

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> I was just wondering.
> Have any of ya'll ever built a magnetically quenched spark
> gap like the one
> Tesla designed?
> Steven Steele