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Re: where to get old style flybacks (no diode, unpotted)

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<< Howdy all,
 each or 3/$12.00
 and of course
 <http://www.fairradio-dot-com/>http://www.fairradio-dot-com/  the main site for all
 kinds of cool inexpensive goodies.
     One word of caution. I bought one and did a bunch of experimentation with
 it and developed a really stable and reliable driver circuit using a 600 watt
 dimmer switch circuit from the internet and modifying it. Then I went and
 bought 6 more of flybacks and they were different enough that the aspects of 
 circuit which I valued no longer worked. However, the 6 new flybacks were as
 advertised, and work fine. My point is, you may not get two identical in 
 way if you order more than one. Also, the cores could be useful for winding
 your own. Hand crank generator there too.
 Al Erpel
Ive seen these advertised and am the one who got them to put a picture of it 
up.Do they work alright?About how long a spark will it produce and at what 
input voltage?

Matt G