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Re: where to get old style flybacks (no diode, unpotted)

Original poster: "Alfred Erpel by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <alfred-at-erpel-dot-com>

    I wound 10 new turns for a primary and I was getting approx. .300 inches
spark length with a 7 uF capacitor in series with the 600 watt dimmer circuit
which can be found on the internet. But I also had .001 uF 10,000V capacitors
shunting the other unused coils. This suppressed arc over. I won't take the
time to show the circuit, because it is only useful with the particular flyback
I got only one of. The next 6 flybacks I purchased were different. If I tried
to hook them up similarly, the unused coils would arc over. I believe this can
be overcome with experimentation. Or just drive them with the low voltage
2N3055 circuit. If they were immersed in oil I am sure you could get some
awesome voltage from them.
Al Erpel

*******Ive seen these advertised and am the one who got them to put a picture
of it up.Do they work alright?About how long a spark will it produce and at
what input voltage?************