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Re: NorCal Teslathon

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Sean and others
I am sending this to the list Sean has put together and others who sent me
emails. Last time we did 2 days so more people could make it. I have June
22/23, July 13/14 and 27/28, and Aug 31/Sept 1 clear as far as 2 day weekends
so as far as I am concerned whenever the most people can come is good. There is
inside storage for anything people bring for Friday night through Sunday. I
have more large gray plastic pipe coil forms than I need so will give some away
at the Thon and maybe some giant caps too. I don't know if Greg will be
available with his coil.
Jim Heagy

Subj: NorCal Teslathon 
Date: 5/2/02 11:00:21 PM Pacific Daylight Time 
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This is the current list of people I have interested in the 'Thon for the
summer.  It will probably be early summer sometime, maybe late June?  If you're
interested in the thon at all, or want to come, please email me offlist if
you're not already on the list in this email.  Also, the location will most
likely be in San Francisco, at Hunter's Point (Thanks Jim!!).  Please email me
with what you'll be bringing as far as coils go so we can organize the space.

Jim (Heagy) - once I get all the information, I'll send you an email with all
the coils that are coming, and see if it'll work out.


Sean Taylor
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