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Re: 1/3hp srsg phase adj cap

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Hi Bart,

Motor run caps are fine for the phase shifter.  PFC caps are
fine also.  The electrolytic motor start caps should be avoided
because they'll probably explode.  Usually the proper types
are in a metal can.  The motor start caps are often in a 
black phenolic case, and are stamped with a value range.


> Hi John,
> Thanks for the info. One more question. I assume the cap is a motor run
> cap? I have
> some other hefty 150uF AC caps I could try unless motor run caps are
> required. Btw,
> my motor is 1800 rpm. I decided to rebuild my g10/tungsten rotary and stop
> playing
> around with some of the other gaps. The rotary has never given me any
> trouble,
> handles the power, and is faithful.Besides, the weather is looking good for
> some
> outdoor max arc runs and the rotary is the only gap up to the task of taking
> on
> Bert Pools challenge <grin>.
> Take care,
> Bart