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Re: Primary wiring

Hi Mark,
    I am no expert but in my experience the position of the primary lead
makes a big difference to the spark length. I have spent hours messing about
with the position, and have found that having it in as straight a line
vertically downwards from the tap point works best. Of course the number of
turns on the primary and the cap size will alter the effect. Of course this
is the sort of think that coiling so much fun. Well for me anyway. You set
your coil up get 6 foot arc's take it to a Teslathon,and the darn thing
refuses to work! Hope this helps.

bob golding

> Original poster: "Mark Broker" <broker-at-uwplatt.edu>

> While attempting to get it tuned (would you believe that it took ~90
> minutes just to get the SRSG phased correctly?), I realized that the wire
> use to tap the primary had a loop co-axial to the pancake primary.  Oops!
> Obviously, a loop in the primary wiring will increase the inductance, but
> by how much?  The loop was probably 4" D, while the primary ID is 10".
> Then I started wondering if winding the same wire 1/4 turn around the
> bottom of the primary would significantly affect the inductance.  Since, I
> don't know, I thought I'd ask the experts.
> Thanks.
> Mark