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how do you build a sufficient NST protection circut?

I'm a first time coiler and it is without any doubt that I lack much requiered
experience on the subject. I've been told to read as much as possible but still
there is some blanks that needs to be filled in. 
(1) Using a 10kV rated NST at 45mA what kind of power recoil protection should
I use to prevent frying the transformer. I've heard that recoils from a
teslacoil could damge both the transformer as other electrical equipment
(stereo, tv, etc). 
should I use a resistor or some sort of chokes or perhaps both. 
(2) What kind of tankcapacitator is the most prefeerable; a) MMC or b)
homestacked platecaps. Doesn't all those small capacitators wired in series
create alot of resistans and loss of power due to the high frequencyarea that
the tank circut operates in (250kHz)
(3) And finally which sort of primarycoil creates the thightest
secondary-primary coupling.