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Re: Primary wiring

Hi Mark,

The loop of connecting wire can actually be used to vary the tuning a bit.
However, I would think the effects would be rather small and hard to detect. 

If you only have say 4 turns in the primary, it may make a big difference.
But if you have say 15 turns, the affect will be small.



At 01:41 AM 10/9/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>For the first time since the "demo from hell" (Aug 15, 2000), I fired up my
>TC.  After replacing all 14 MOVs in the NST filter, and completely rewiring
>the primary (LV & HV), I convinced (little convincing was needed, actually)
>a good friend of mine to "loan" me his driveway yesterday evening to get
>things reset up.
>While attempting to get it tuned (would you believe that it took ~90
>minutes just to get the SRSG phased correctly?), I realized that the wire I
>use to tap the primary had a loop co-axial to the pancake primary.  Oops!
>Obviously, a loop in the primary wiring will increase the inductance, but
>by how much?  The loop was probably 4" D, while the primary ID is 10".
>Then I started wondering if winding the same wire 1/4 turn around the
>bottom of the primary would significantly affect the inductance.  Since, I
>don't know, I thought I'd ask the experts.