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RE: anybody else fried a variac

I burnt up a brush on my little 2.5 amp variac. I went to the hardware
store and bought a motor brush (lots of different sizes). I cut the lead
and spring off, ground the carbon to the exact shape, and stuck in back
in the holder. I works perfectly again and only cost $2.65


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> jeff,
> if i'm understanding your situation right, it sounds like all is not
> lost for your unit. could you give the make and model of the veriac so
> i
> could possibly get an exploded view of it? from your explanations, it
> sounds like the actual windings are not burnt, is this correct? if
> this
> is somewhat the same style as my powerstat q116, of coarse mine were
> 400hz units that i put 60hz cores into, but the wiper assembly sounds
> about the same. give us some numbers and maybe i or someone else on
> the
> list have some parts to get it back together? i have found that it
> seems
> the most expensive part to replace on a veriac is the wiper brush, for
> example, on my variac unit  W10HG3M a replacement core cost's $64.00,
> but for a replacement wiper brush the cost is $45.00. and as always,
> the
> core can be rewound or taped for a ballast inductor, i'm still
> learning
> the fundamentals of how these work, so questions on this app. will
> have
> to be directed towards those that have experience here.
> marc