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Re: ero cap question

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> Original poster: "Metlicka Marc" <mystuffs-at-orwell-dot-net> 
>  john,
>  the funny thing about the string i tried was that even at very close gap
>  spacing, the charge only smoothed out slightly? the string was 20nf at
>  11kv, i would think a 12\30 nst would have charged this string quite
>  well since it will charge my 99kv 15nf bucket cap up with no problem? of
>  coarse when i added my second bucket cap, the 12\30 had a hard time
>  charging them, i added a second 12\30 for a total of 60ma, this stopped
>  the rat-tat-tat of the poly's but they may have been stressed in there 6
>  years of motor controller use because some failed in short order.
>  a very strange occurrence indeed?
>  marc


Well, maybe the 20nF is getting a little large for a 12/30, esp when
using a static gap.  The limit for LTR cap values is a little less when
using static gaps because one does not benefit from downside
charging as would occur in a sync gap system.  Somewhere around
16nF may be the limit for static gaps with a 12/30, and this will
depend somewhat on the particular brand of NST, etc.  I think
you can go to about 2.5 times the resonant size for LTR values,
using static gaps.  This would be 6nF x 2.5 =  15nF.

John Freau