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Re: Toriod Dent Removal =:O

Hello all,

This is certainly a little late, I hope not too late?
(I've been on holiday for two weeks, came back to 600 something
Tesla List emails ;)

> > Original poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>
> >
> >
> > I have (had) a beautiful John Freau 4x13 toroid...  One dark day, I
> > it...  It's edge fell an a AC supply wire and it got a little dent: :-((
> > My great idea is to use some dissolvable glue like super glue to
"attach" a
> > pulling rope or such to the dent and pull it out.  light sanding with
> > 60 grit sand paper should smooth the rest.


> There is a device that may work, though I don't know the cost. It's
basicly a
> spot welder that attaches a small pin to the dent. Then you use that to
pull it
> out. Afterward just remove the pin and sand. Should be good as new. It's
> for harder metals, but I think the Al you have should be able to take it.
> Travis

I think that is a good way to fix it. I a brass instrument,
and all brass instruments have very thin tubes and bells
made of high-copper brass. This is fairly soft and easy to dent.
If this happens you sent it away to the repair man and he solders
a wire to the metal and pulls out the dent, then desolders the wire.
 It comes out like new. (and you can really tell)
I don't think the process is overly expensive.

My 2 cents,

Alan Williams